5 tips to keep staff motivated over the holidays

11 December 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201917520

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KEEPING staff motivated while having to work abnormal hours can be challenging during the busy festive season.

That’s according to Morne Cronje, FNB Head of Franchising, who said common issues businesses deal with during this period include distractions, demotivated staff and low productivity.

For some businesses, such as food franchises, this can often be the busiest and most profitable time of the year. As a result, businesses cannot afford to make any mistakes.

“As a business owner, it is important to ensure that your staff feel appreciated and motivated during this time. Franchise owners are encouraged to plan adequately in order to maximise sales, while not compromising on the quality of products and services delivered,” said Cronje.

He shared five tips to keep staff motivated:

  • Enough resources – evaluate if the current staff can cope with the festive season spike, and whether they won’t be too stretched. Overworked employees can potentially become demotivated resulting in the standard of service dropping. Business owners should consider hiring temporary staff to help bolster the current team to be able to deal with the busy period.
  • Create flexible hours - given the long hours that staff have to work during the bust festive period, with stores closing later, it may be ideal to offer employees flexible working times where appropriate. For example, creating a roster where some employees can leave earlier or work half day, in order to spend time with family and friends.
  • Hands on approach - where possible, management should help staff to manage the workload during the busiest days. While you may not be able to do this every day, the time you spend helping your staff will be appreciated as your presence can possibly motivate them.
  • Communication – monitor and establish open communication with all employees to proactively manage any potential issues before they impact on productivity.
  • Incentives – offering your staff incentives such as bonuses and/or recognition payment can motivate them to raise their performance. This will show that you value their contribution to the business and are willing to reward them for the hard work they are producing.

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