Bakkie-mounted high-pressure jetting and vacuuming vehicle

29 July 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201915467

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SEWERAGE cleaning operations can become expensive, time consuming and labour intensive for operators if they need to use multiple vehicles for sucking and jetting.

To solve this problem, Werner South Africa Pumps & Equipment is introducing the first bakkie-mounted vehicle in South Africa that has the combined ability to perform suction and jetting. The company has become an agent in South Africa for French company Baroclean and is making its Rapid Response Vehicle available to the local market.

According to Sebastian Werner, Managing Director at Werner Pumps, the new vehicle is an excellent option for applications where bigger sewerage-cleaning trucks cannot fit easily, such as shopping centres or office park basements.

Bakkie-mounted high-pressure jetting and vacuuming vehicle

“We are thrilled to be introducing this vehicle to the local market and believe it is an excellent solution for our customers who service industrial and urban environments,” he said.

The Rapid Response Vehicle is mounted on a local Toyota chassis and has a high-pressure pump, vacuum pump suction and aluminium tank with two compartments, an 800l sludge tank and a 400l water tank. It also has a payload of over 700kg.

Werner believes clients in the plumbing and construction industries will find the Rapid Response Vehicle particularly useful because of its agility and versatility. “It can be driven into small, challenging locations and perform multiple maintenance and cleaning functions where other sanitation equipment cannot.”

The hydro-cleansing combined vehicle’s high-pressure pump has three solid ceramic pistons that provide pressure of 150 to 320 bar. The pumps and vacuum draw their power from the base vehicle’s engine, via a full-power transfer gearbox.

The suction and jetting system is controlled through a panel at the rear of the vehicle. The control panel is located in a waterproof box and the system comes with an emergency stop button. The Rapid Response Vehicle costs vary, depending on the chosen finishing features, and has a delivery lead time of six months from order.

Baroclean is a French sanitation equipment company that has over 35 years’ experience in producing jetting units and combination tankers for the maintenance of sewer networks and septic tanks.

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