Better workflow and safety with strip curtains

24 March 2020 | Web Article Number: ME202018400

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AS the manufacturing industry pays closer attention to best practice, quality control and safety in the workplace, PVC strip curtains are playing an increasingly valuable role.

That’s according to Apex Strip Curtains & Doors sales executive, Wim Dessing, who explained how the company’s locally produced strip curtains are used to enhance workplace demarcation and workflow.

“Internal entry and exit points are common places for accidents to occur in the workplace. Similarly, points of transition between various sections in a manufacturing or storage facility can also be a safety concern,” Dessing said.

Better workflow and safety with strip curtains

He added that PVC strip curtains, usually supplied as transparent, maximise visibility while still meeting the need to cordon off sections and optimise the flow of work. This considerably lowers the risks related to vehicular traffic moving in and out of different areas of the workplace.

The curtains also reduce the ingress of dust, smoke and insects, while also helping prevent the entry of hot or cold air, he said.

“Manufactured locally in South Africa for over 45 years, these premium products from Apex Strip Curtains & Doors feature the patented Balledge on both sides of the individual strips. This reinforced rounded edge on the strips is a major differentiator, ensuring an optimal thermal close.”

He said this also allows the strips to part easily, which improves access for pedestrians, pallet trucks, forklifts and other motorised equipment.

“We produce our general-purpose strip curtains with specially formulated PVC material. Apart from its transparency for increased visibility, it is also highly resistant to discolouration, cracking or tearing.”

While they are commonly used at permanent entrance and exit points, these industrial PVC strip curtains are also a popular way of creating temporary partitions within large manufacturing facilities.

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