Boosting materials-handling flow in the tyre industry

24 July 2020 | Web Article Number: ME202019798

Boosting materials-handling flow in the tyre industry

IN addition to distribution logistics, which is especially profiting from the flourishing e-commerce sector, production logistics presents an important market when it comes to materials handling. The tyre industry in particular is confronted with increasingly demanding challenges to stay internationally competitive; these challenges include pricing, productivity and occupational safety.

As a result, interest in material handling solutions that are based on high-performance, efficient and flexible technology has risen sharply.

Interroll believes it is well positioned to meet this demand, thanks to the launch of its new DC Platform and its Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP), especially in combination with its successful Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP),

Interroll solutions are used by global tyre industry leaders including Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone and Pirelli.

Generally, these conveyors for the automated transport of tyres use modern drum motors and the Interroll RollerDrive as drive technologies which the company believes stand out for their compact design and their particularly low-noise operation.

"We at Interroll ensure quality, speed and user-friendliness. Together with our partners—who integrate systems all over the world—we provide sector-specific solutions for the tyre industry. and fulfill the requirements of our global customers with our worldwide available solutions," said Stefano Amarena, Global Industry Manager Automotive and Tyre at the Interroll Group.

He added that with the new DC Platform and the MPP, the company has developed platform-based, high-performance solutions that are perfect for the requirements and needs of the tyre industry.

The new possibilities of the DC Platform—consisting of RollerDrive, controls and power supplies—to realise powerful, zero-pressure accumulation conveyor solutions are already evident in the electrical voltage: with the new platform, users can now design systems that use 48V technology.

According to Amarena, conveyor technology with 48V systems require up to 50 percent fewer power supply units compared to 24V equipment. They also allow smaller line cross-sections and longer line lengths, which reduce faults, for example, from voltage drops on the line. This means that the complete system requires considerably less investment and can be put into operation with far less potential for faults.

At the same time, Interroll has launched a new modular platform for powered pallet conveyor operations. High-capacity storage that uses a minimum of space is not the only aim of this offering. It is just as important to minimize the transportation times between goods received and goods issued or stored or between production and picking areas as well as automating these processes for high efficiency.

Amarena said Interroll’s MPP provides all these benefits. “The MPP is a particularly versatile pallet conveyor, offering a highly flexible modular structure. It is designed for powered pallet conveyor operations.”

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