Chemical pump sets standards worldwide

29 September 2020 | Web Article Number: ME202020561

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SINCE its introduction more than two decades ago, KSB’s MegaCPK pump has changed the way chemical companies throughout the world pump dangerous and volatile materials.

That’s according to Area Manager General Industry at KSB, Dylan Mitchell, who said the proven standardised chemical pump is especially used for handling aggressive liquids in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

“The pump’s energy efficiency is also noteworthy and the series punches well above its weight in terms of output efficiency which means that identical operating data and conditions are achieved with smaller pump sizes.”

Chemical pump sets standards worldwide

Mitchell said this is as a result of impeller trimming for energy savings which results in up to a 10 % improvement in efficiency. With a wide range of sizes and variants users are most likely to find a pump that exactly meets their requirements.

The range has a modular design system with a variety of pump sizes, materials and components. Gland packing with single and double standardised mechanical seal or cartridge seal also available.

“We even have a choice of ‘medium duty’ bearing bracket designs with a cylindrical roller bearing as a radial bearing and a double angular contact ball bearing as a fixed bearing or users can specify our ‘economy’ bearings which are arranged as floating ball bearings. Hydraulic systems are available for standardised flow rates or high-performance variants depending on the customer’s specification.”

He said the MegaCPK had been designed for maximum operating reliability and ease-of-maintenance with back pull-out design for quick and easy access which is a milestone in standardised chemical pumps. He added that these and other features of the pump series were why it had become the basis for numerous standards.

“The wide range of sizes, materials and features for almost any application including temperature extremes, volatility of materials being pumped and widely differing chemical compositions make the Gold Standard in the industry. Combined with KSB Pumps and Valve’s service and support, as well as long track record of service in the industry, makes it the obvious choice for standardised chemical pumps in South Africa and across the globe.”

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