Cloud-powered dashcam now in SA

04 September 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201916131

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GRAPHIC Image Technologies (GIT) recently announced the local availability of an affordable, scalable smart dashcam solution from Surfsight.

“This solution is exactly what logistics companies, shuttle services, taxi associations and car hire organisations have been waiting for to eliminate the complexities and cost barriers to simplify fleet management and make driving safer,” said Laurence Smith, Executive at GIT.

“The solution is one of the best on the market and will assist logistics companies and other organisations that use vehicles to ensure that they are protected and observed in case of any emergencies or incidents.”

Effectively an off-site vehicle DVR (Digital Video Recorder) system combined with front and rear dashcams, multiple sensors and 4G connectivity, the dashcam provides real-time cloud-based vehicle tracking and monitoring. Surfsight offers a live view from dashcams on any device, including the ability to view multiple vehicles on one screen without the need to download an app or install any software.

Equipped with smart sensors capable of recognising events, such as sudden stops, sharp acceleration, or collisions, automatically triggers a 10-second video clip of the event to be stored in the cloud, while having the option of also sending an email notification. All events footage is managed from a central events dashboard that logs events by description, date, time and type.

“Such footage cannot be tampered with, or destroyed, and is available even if the vehicle is off, making it exceptionally useful for evidentiary purposes in insurance claims and criminal cases,” said Smith.

Along with full GPS tracking of single or multiple vehicles, Surfsight delivers transparency into the location history of every point on a vehicle’s trip with contextual information - point-by-point location information, time, altitude and speed - making it simple to locate the necessary footage or event.

“This solution also offers analytics and reporting for true visibility into driver behaviour and vehicle treatment - which is exactly what fleet managers and car rental companies need. With its low upfront hardware cost and affordable annual subscription fees, the Surfsight solution provides scalable, reliable vehicle monitoring services is attractive to budget-conscious businesses and security-conscious families.”

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