Expo to focus on impact of industrial automation on manufacturing

17 April 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201914386

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THE Manufacturing Indaba 2019, in collaboration with The Society for Automation, Instrumentation, Measurement and Control (SAIMC), will provide an Automation Pavilion for companies interested in exhibiting at this year’s exhibition.

The past two decades have seen drastic changes in the manufacturing landscape. The advent of smart computers and technology have rendered automation an essential element in gaining a competitive advantage in today’s local and global manufacturing environment.

According to the organisers of the indaba, industrial automation has brought about major advantages for companies and economies alike, including increased productivity, reduced production time and increased levels of output.

“The manufacturing industry deems quality and precision integral factors for the sector’s success. Automated assembly processes are less inclined to make production errors or compromise production quality for speed. Machines are also able to perform tasks that the human body is incapable of,” the organisers said in a statement.

“Contrary to popular belief, automated systems perform manufacturing operations with far less variability than human workmanship, leaving less room for error and yielding greater control and consistency in terms of product quality. Furthermore, improved control and consistency lead to more proficient use of materials, resulting in less wastage.”

Automation is further responsible for reducing the time required to process an average production order through the factory, leading to lower production lead times and bottlenecks.

“African countries need to develop capabilities for automation in the manufacturing sector by expanding access to broadband, investing in the technical upskilling of locals and endorsing technological innovation via vocational training and technology centres.

“Success in the aforementioned objectives will create unprecedented opportunities for the manufacturing sector and thereby overall African economies, through improving labour productivity in manufacturing industries.”

All these issues will come under the spotlight at Manufacturing Indaba 2019 being held at the Sandton Convention Centre on 25 and 26 June. 2019. The aim of the indaba and its provincial roadshows is to bring together manufacturers, industry leaders, government officials, capital providers and professional experts to explore opportunities and grow their manufacturing operations.

The event will comprise a two-day conference and exhibition and is hosted in partnership with the South African Department of Trade & Industry, the Department of Science & Technology and the Manufacturing Circle, representing the private sector.

For more info on this event, or to register for the Indaba, visit www.manufacturingindaba.co.za

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