Extending cranes offer more working space and longer hook path

26 May 2020 | Web Article Number: ME202019146

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EXTENDING cranes are a frequently selected option in the KBK Aluline crane construction kit from Konecranes and Demag, as they extend the range of the system beyond the crane span dimension.

That’s according Emil Berning, Managing Director of Konecranes and Demag who said that they enable an operator to perform lifting and positioning tasks between pillars and columns or deposit loads in aisles and free areas between assembly zones and lines.

Depending on the load capacity, design and profile section size, the range can be extended by up to 3,100 mm.

Extending cranes offer more working space and longer hook path

“Demag launched a new version of the KBK Aluline extending crane at LogiMAT 2019, and we believe that it can benefit industries here in South Africa due to improvements over the previous version.

“In 2017 we successfully installed a KBK Aluline system at MBSA in East London which featured a number of extending cranes of which very few competitors could offer this unique feature.”

The new version of KBK Aluline, offers customers a lower headroom dimension and will benefit from 120 mm to 220 mm more hook path depending on the profile size. Increased hook path creates the most optimised lifting solution and allows for greater utilisation of the load being handled in the space below the crane girders.

The online KBK Aluline system can be adapted to meet different customer production requirements, assembly and shipping applications.

The system is based on aluminium sections and smooth-running trolleys. The result is a system that literally gives the operator hands-on support for handling loads, improves ergonomics and reduces the physical burden to a minimum. It now also allows hoist units to be utilised even better with an increased lifting path.

The extension length, the maximum load capacity (up to 500 kg) and the crane girder length can be freely selected when designing installations. Extending cranes that can be extended to either side can also be realised. The KBK Designer tool can be used for fast and simple project engineering of extending crane solutions.

The first KBK crane construction kit was launched 56 years ago, and quickly became a popular choice for the materials handling industries, particularly in the global and local automotive sectors due to the range of applications for the universal light crane system.

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