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17 June 2020 | Web Article Number: ME202019362

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AFRICA has no shortage of enthusiastic young people who want to make a change and solve the problems they see in front of them every day.

That’s according to Chetan Mistry, Strategy and Marketing Manager for water technology company Xylem Africa, adding that this is why the company invests in learnership and skills development.

“We want to make the world a better place through making clean, safe and reliable water available for all. But the real change happens on the ground when the people of the region have the insights and means to tackle their local challenges. Thus, empowering Africans by supporting their education and professional development is critical for us to reach Xylem’s mission.”

The company supports the government’s Youth Employment Service (YES) programme and has been providing learnerships to local people for several years. It joined YES in 2019 to expand opportunities to new professionals in the market who are looking to improve their experience and networking opportunities.

Xylem SA enrolled 15 trainees from YES in 2019 and more trainees in other programmes, totalling 28 trainees spread across different departments and projects.

The programmes are categorised in order to be able to give opportunities at different levels: learners (P1/P2 workplace experience to get their qualifications), Interns (National Diploma or Bachelor’s degree with no experience), and Graduates (either a qualification and some workplace experience or Honours Level with no workplace experience).

Graduates and learners are also given the opportunity to apply for full time positions at Xylem or go on to enter the workforce with much needed experience under their belts.

“We work with very passionate and skilled people across Africa all the time, and there is no question that Africa will become a global leader if we can scale and expand that excellence,” Mistry said.

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