New rewards programme for electricians

15 May 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201914571

Electrical & Electronics

FRENCH multinational energy management company, Schneider Electric, has announced the introduction of a mySchneider Electrician Rewards Programme for electricians. The programme is aimed at rewarding residential and small building electricians for making good choices when they purchase Schneider Electric products.

“We want to encourage residential and small building electricians to make Schneider Electric their preferred partner of choice,” said Electricians Program Manager Miranda Puza.

Electricians can claim their rewards each time they make a purchase of an applicable Schneider Electric product at any of the company’s official distributors. To get the ball rolling, electricians need to register on the mySchneider Partner Portal. Once registered, they can start submitting claims by selecting the 'Upload Invoice' tab.

“Then it’s a simple matter of entering the invoice number and date and uploading the invoice file while ensuring part numbers are visible on all the invoices,” Puza said.

Registered residential and small building electricians will receive mySchneider Electrician Rewards Program points for all approved claims submitted and points received are valid until the end of the second year.

For example, should an electrician earn 250 points in March 2019 and 500 points in June 2019, the total of these 750 points will expire in 2021 on 31 December. Alternatively, if they earn 250 points in March 2019 and 500 points in June 2020, the first 250 points will expire in 2021 on 31 December, and the other 500 points will expire in 2022 on the same date.

“Not only will they be part of a professionally run rewards programme where they can track their progress and growth, they will have access via a direct channel to Schneider Electric from which to give feedback and be heard.

“Although the programme is aimed at residential and small electricians, there are benefits for official distributors too because the programme will drive an increase in traffic through their outlets from which they can solicit up-selling of other ancillary products,” she said.

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