New service partner for top gearbox and winch brand

29 March 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201913941

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HYTEC South Africa has been appointed southern Africa Service Partner to the Drive Technology Unit of Zollern. The partnership allows Hytec South Africa to sell, execute inspections, and conduct maintenance, repairs and other services on Zollern gearboxes and winches across the region.

Over the five-year contract period, Zollern Drive Technology will provide full support in terms of technical manuals and drawings, as well as spare parts for the service, repair and maintenance of the equipment.

Initial training on Zollern equipment was conducted by the company’s service personnel in Hytec South Africa’s Cape Town branch. The company’s Repairs Manager in Cape Town has continuous communication with Zollern and receives information on repairs when necessary. Hytec South Africa now trains its own personnel on Zollern equipment.

New service partner for top gearbox and winch brand

Hytec South Africa supplies Zollern gearboxes to end users for cranes, winches and drilling equipment as part of its gearbox range and has been conducting repairs at its Cape Town and Johannesburg operations since 2007.

“The difference now is that we can provide this service across the sub-continent and are not restricted to servicing only the Zollern equipment that we installed,” said Iaan du Toit, Regional Manager Hytec SA, Cape Region.

The company’s history with Zollern dates back to 2007, when the company provided spares and assistance for projects undertaken by Zollern in South Africa.

“In a little over a decade our customers’ installed base of Zollern equipment reached a level that required us to enter into a service agreement with the OEM. We are exceptionally pleased that this agreement has come to fruition as it benefits both our companies and customers across southern Africa,” Du Toit said.

“The support we receive from Zollern for its products and our service offering is outstanding. We look forward to working with them for the next five years, at a minimum, as we are aiming for contract renewal once the current contractual period expires.”

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