Next-gen industrial gear units launched locally

03 October 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201916310

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THE latest technology unveiled by German drive engineering specialist SEW-Eurodrive at Hannover Messe 2019 has finally made its way to South African shores.

“It was decided to introduce the latest series to South Africa in response to the overarching industry need for energy-efficiency and optimisation,” said country Managing Director Raymond Obermeyer, who attended the launch of the Generation X.e series at the world’s largest trade fair for industrial technology in April.

Generation X.e represents the latest iteration of the successful X Series of industrial gear units which, according to the company, has gained significant traction globally in industries as diverse as mining, cement and sugar mills, and power generation.

Next-gen industrial gear units launched locally

According to Obermeyer, the specific client requirements addressed by the new series are maximum drive utilisation, in the event of continuous operation under specified conditions; peak load, in the case of an irregular travel profile, frequent start-up, or occasional blocking; temperature and environmental factors such as the permissible surface temperature, degree of protection, permissible noise level, accessibility, and serviceability; minimum service life; and extended service intervals.

He said the quality of the new series meant it was particularly suited to harsh operating environments such as mining and general industry.

Here an increased thermal saving of 32% has been achieved mainly by reducing the periods between oil changes. Other advances include an improved bevel pinion housing, optimised bearing preload, a non-contact sealing system, a universal cover with a fan system, and optimised gearing topology.

Thanks to enhanced hardware, together with an entirely new computation suite, embracing simulation, a standard product can now be matched to specific modifications and settings for different client requirements and operating conditions.

He said this “smart” combination of separate measures and networked software tools now allows users to configure their own customised gear units.

“It means that all industrial drives supplied by SEW-Eurodrive now have the full potential for specific optimisation – a key factor considering the constraints, rising costs, and tight margins faced by many industrial sectors globally.”

The Generation X.e is suited to a temperature range from -40°C up to 50°C and is available with a torque rating from 65 kN to 500 kN. The industrial gear units will be assembled in Nelspruit for the entire African market.

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