PE business is booming, says ride-hailing app boss

29 August 2018 | Web Article Number: ME201811529

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PE business is booming, says ride-hailing app boss

APP-based ride hailing service, Taxify, says it is seeing “unprecedented demand” for its services among Port Elizabeth residents since its 2017 launch.

The Uber competitor believes that with the city focused on robust growth, particularly in tourism and manufacturing, the demand for e-hailing services is likely to increase even further.

“We responded to customer demand by creating Taxify Go for Port Elizabeth, which responds to the specific needs of the local market,” said Gareth Taylor, Country Manager for Taxify in South Africa, referring to the company’s budget option.

“This, combined with the fact that Taxify drivers on average earn at least 10% more than drivers using other platforms, shows that the city’s residents are making the most of the service’s reliability and safety, while drivers on the platform are earning well.”

The platform is celebrating its growth in Port Elizabeth by offering drivers an added 15% bonus during August meaning that they will not pay any commission to use the service in the city.

“The market in Port Elizabeth has far exceeded our expectations and has added impetus to our growth plans in other parts of South Africa,” Taylor added. “Drivers’ success in the city has proved that there is a demand for a safe, affordable and reliable e-hailing service.”

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