Plug-and-play solution makes for easy flow monitoring

29 March 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201914057

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EASE of flow monitoring and low maintenance are two of the benefits said to come with the compact ‘plug-and-play’ EGE SNS 450 thermodynamic flow sensor.

According to Gerry Bryant, Managing Director of Countapulse Controls, sole southern African agent for EGE’s full range of flow sensors and controllers, the innovative screw-in adapter on the EGE thermodynamic flow sensor allows for universal use in a variety of applications.

The adapter is screwed into a T-piece or a welding sleeve and the probe is then secured in this adapter using a union nut. Users are reassured of the integrity of the connection, which is sealed up to 100 bar.

Plug-and-play solution makes for easy flow monitoring

The EGE sensor, which includes an LED display for ease of use, can function in temperatures from between minus 20 to plus 80°C and is suitable for controlling the flow of fluids such as water, glycol mixtures and chemicals. Ingress protected to IP67 standards the design of the sensor, which features no moving parts, is focused on elimination of failure that would typically be caused by oxidised bearings, torn impellers or deflector deformation.

With a robust construction the EGE flow sensor is resistant to corrosion and is ideal for use in both liquids and air, as well as in hazardous environments. “This is a welcome addition to the Countapulse Controls product line-up and complements the company’s existing range of sensing solutions; all geared around reliability and longevity combined with uncompromising accuracy,” said Bryant.

Countapulse Controls offers a comprehensive range of sensing, measurement, counting, switching, monitoring and positioning instrumentation, with customer support provided through a round-the-clock technical advisory service hotline.

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