Portable powerhouses: Mobile pumps prove their worth

24 July 2020 | Web Article Number: ME202019728

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THE mobility of trailer-mounted pumps has earned them a reputation for versatility and efficiency, according to Integrated Pump Rental.

That’s according to Henru Strydom, Sykes product specialist at Integrated Pump Rental, who said the company’s line of Sykes pumps in mobile configuration has seen enthusiastic take-up in markets ranging from large open pit mines to construction sites, prompting them to start making these units locally.

Portable powerhouses: Mobile pumps prove their worth

“Mobile pumps can deliver real economy through their ability to be moved where and when required. With their own wheelbase, it means that no infrastructure needs to be built before they can start working. They can also be moved quickly in an emergency,” said Strydom.

This applies not only to small units on roadworthy trailers, but to large dewatering pumps for deep, open pit mines. In a recent contract, Integrated Pump Rental locally manufactured a mobile version of its extra-high head Sykes XH150 pump for a diamond mine in the mountains of Lesotho.

“This model can dewater a mine’s pit to a depth of 250 metres,” he said. “The pump can run at full load for up to 28 hours on the tank of diesel that is included on the trailer configuration.”

Next in the range are high head (HH) pumps, which can pump to a height of between 70 to 150 metres, while the medium head (MH) pumps can reach heads of between 50 to 90 metres. The contractors’ package (CP) range comprises the smaller units which can be pulled by a bakkie or 4x4 vehicle. These are also licenced for travelling on public roads.

The robust, auto-priming Sykes pump range has features that protect against overheating or low oil levels, optimising uptime and ensuring low maintenance requirements. Internal components including impellers, wear plates and shafts are supplied in stainless steel as standard for high resistance against acids.

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