Robust new plastic plug and connector range

25 November 2019 | Web Article Number: ME201917075

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INDUSTRIAL plugs and sockets manufacturer and supplier AMPCO unveiled the Gen 2 plastic plug and connector range to the commercial, mining and industrial sectors across the African continent at a press conference at sister company Powermite’s head office in Roodepoort, Johannesburg recently.

“The motivation behind the introduction of this advanced plastic range stems from our mandate to further expand and add extra value to our current locally manufactured metal and plastic range,” said Powermite Director, Donovan Marks.

“We are extremely proud to offer these innovations which are poised to set the benchmark in robustness, efficiency and performance. This new-kid-on-the-block exudes premium quality and is competitively priced to ultimately benefit customers by cost-effectively maximising their productivity potential.”

Robust new plastic plug and connector range

The range is forged from Polyamide 6 and PC/ABS. According to Marks, these virgin grade plastic materials put the Gen 2 in a league of its own and provide a host of enhanced benefits including impact resistance combined with high robustness; high thermal stability (self-extinguishing); great insulating qualities; high disruptive strength; UV resistance according to ISO 4892-2 as well as high abrasion and weather resistance.

The plug and socket ranges are internationally standardised by the International Electrotechnical Commission, the world organisation for international standardisation of electrical equipment: IEC 60309-1 and IEC 60309-2 equivalent to the European Norms EN 60309 part 1 and EN 60309 part 2.

With a focus on extending product lifespan, the material also delivers excellent resistance to an array of chemicals and is free from cadmium and halogen. The IP44 & IP67 rated Gen 2 range is suited to arduous applications where portable electrical equipment is used such as electric motor driven and heating machinery, welding, emergency generator supplies, IT installations, quarrying, mining, water purification as well as portable site and stage lighting.

The Gen 2 plastic range is offered in screw less quick connect and standard screw terminal connecting and includes industrial plugs and sockets 16A – 125A, connectors, plastic cable extension reels (XREEL), heavy-duty engineering plastic site distribution boxes with socket outlets, heavy- duty rubber distribution combination boxes, couplers, wall and flanged sockets 16A – 125A, switched interlocked sockets as well as the PRCD-S+ inline portable protection device.

AMPCO’s high impact resistance XREEL features an ergonomic handle, a thermal circuit breaker, a brake mechanism with central spindle, drum openings for water drainage, a stable crank and two parking positions for the plug.

The Gen 2 heavy-duty engineering plastic and rubber site distribution boxes with socket outlets can be customised and are at home in gruelling working conditions such as petrochemical plants, dock yards and heavy engineering conditions.

The advanced PRCD-S+ (earth leakage) 30mA @ 230V is a portable inline mobile personal protection device to prevent electrical injury especially in construction sites. With operators regularly connecting electrical equipment, the risk of accidents is high.

Thanks to its ability to recognise measurement errors, under- and over-voltage, conductor interruptions and wiring errors from the source system, the PRCD-S+ will not switch on, safeguarding operators against incorrect electrical installations. This handheld protection device features an LED signal unit which senses error situations, displays a permanent status indication, and disconnects the supply.

Complementing the Gen 2 plastic range is AMPCO’s metal and existing plastic range. Complying with European quality standards, the range consists of plugs, socket outlets and isolators, with and without earth leakage protection. The metal single phase socket outlets are perfectly suited to ports and harbours as well as for applications in high humidity areas.

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