January / February 2019

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Automation & Robotics

Optimum dosage and fluid media monitoring

INSTROTECH is offering Kobold’s ZED-D electronic dosage devices, which it says are ideally suited for dosing and monitoring fluid media. They process the signals from separately installed flow sensors and are mostly freely-configurable. The devices a...

New app helps automate plant safety and performance reporting

EMERSON has released AMS Inspection Rounds, a new application for the AMS Trex Device Communicator that it says will make it easier for operations teams to capture, report, and respond to abnormal plant conditions that pose risks to reliability, safe...

Property – Commercial & Industrial

5 days to more concrete construction skills

CONSTRUCTION industry professionals need only devote five days of their time for intensive training in concrete technology to boost their own career opportunities and ensure that the structures they design have the sustainability the South African ec...

NAACAM Show 2019 Show Update