March / April 2020

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Hydraulics & Pneumatics

PLSAs improve efficiencies on vulcanising press

THE project team at Tectra Automation devised a solution for Elimen Engineering to replace the hydraulic system in a vulcanising press. The solution, which had to guarantee an accurate pressing cycle that distributes a 130-ton press load evenly, cons...

Superconductors making contact-free production a reality

THE requirements placed on the cleaning of production facilities and their purity are increasing particularly in future-oriented fields such as medical technology, laboratory automation or biotechnology. However, according to Festo, these demands are...

Instrumentation, Measurement & Control

Testing tools range now available online

COMTEST has announced that Beha-Amprobe testing tools can now be bought online at The German/USA range includes voltage detectors, installation testers, appliance testers (PAT), voltage detectors and continuity testers, digital multime...

Simple and convenient flow measurement

TWO new devices from Jumo provide simple and convenient magnetic-inductive flow measurement for a variety of media and processors, according to exclusive local distributors, ASSTech. The Jumo flow-TRANS MAG S10 is designed for industrial standard app...

Pumps, Valves, Pipes & Fittings

Oval wheel flowmeters for multiple applications

INSTROTECH is offering three oval wheel flowmeters from Kobold that it says give precise flow measurement for all viscous, non-abrasive clean liquids. According to the company, they can be used in a number of diverse applications, such as measurement...

New range of universal couplings

INCLEDON, a provider of fluid conveyance products and solutions, recently launched a new range of universal couplings, adding to its current range of Tekflo-branded products. The Tekflo universal coupling range has been designed and developed to join...